• Courts and Law

    Police concerned about rising murder cases

    Police in Mashonaland Central have urged locals to respect the sanctity of human life following a couple of murders recorded last week. Two murder incidents recorded Mashonaland Central, in a space of just one week, have raised concern that people are disregarding human life when disputes arise. In the first incident recorded on 17 September in Bindura a 26-year-old woman…

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  • Top Stories

    Unregistered vehicles barred from passing through tollgates

    ALL unregistered vehicles are with immediate effect not allowed to pass through tollgates as the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) launches a blitz to ensure motorists heed the law. So far, ZRP has impounded 11 917 pirate taxis and unregistered vehicles countrywide. According to the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act, vehicles should be registered and always display their registration marks and…

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