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    ZBC senior journalist Janet Munyaka dies from COVID-19

    SENIOR journalist Janet Munyaka has died after she contracted COVID-19. Munyaka, who was ZBC’s diplomatic correspondent, died this Saturday evening at St. Anne’s Hospital in Harare. She was 48. She had been admitted at St. Anne’s, which is the city’s dedicated COVID-19 facility, since last week when she tested positive to coronavirus. Reacting to the news, AB Communications chief executive…

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    Uproar as dead people on Top 100 most influential Zimbabweans under 40

    By Keith Mlauzi IT’S NOT a Forbes list but it’s definitely something of value in Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwean Magazine has released this year’s edition of the top 100 most influential Zimbabweans under 40 years. As expected not everyone would be happy with the list as critics are always ready with their knives to tear down the happiness surrounding the release…

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