ZimParks aircraft crashes

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    Missing ZimParks ranger: 25-man search team combs Zambezi Valley

    A 25-man search party has been combing up the Zambezi valley in search of a survivor of a plane crash in the area on Friday afternoon. A four-seat Cessna 182 light aircraft, which had four people on board, crashed in Chewore Safari Area in Mbire with one dead and two critically injured. The deceased was a South African researcher who…

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    ZimParks aircraft crashes in the Zambezi Valley

    ONE person died, two survived and one was missing after a small aircraft on a Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) mission went down in the Zambezi Valley on Friday, officials said on Sunday. The Cessna 182 with two South Africans and two Zimbabweans onboard was reported missing on Friday before a search was launched in a mountainous area…

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