Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)

  • Letters

    ZRP detectives can disguise themselves by putting on party’s regalia

    BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA The social media went crazy flying a picture of a police officer in ZANU PF regalia. The key board brigade started to vilify the poor officer and sharing her photo around the world. Truth being told the lady looked stunningly beautiful in the ZANU PF regalia. The opposition and its affiliates decided to label the whole…

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  • Courts and Law

    Woman bashes ZRP officer who made sexual advances at her

    By Mutsa Makuvaza A POLICE officer in Rusape had to resort to his handcuffs to restrain a 27-year-old local woman who punched him with fists after he proposed to her. The police officer later dragged the woman, Nomatter to, a local police station and filed charges against her claiming she resisted lawful arrest on an undisclosed issue. The matter spilled…

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  • Top Stories

    ZRP top cop arrested for hiding smuggled goods

    A POLICE inspector with the ZRP has been arrested for conniving with one of his subordinates to divert two vehicles from offloading smuggled goods inside the Beitbridge Border Post. Inspector Elias Mawomba (47) and his subordinate Dickson Siakwimbi are deployed to Beitbridge to conduct security and anti-smuggling duties to the country’s border with South Africa under operation “No to Crossboder…

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