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    Govt says vehicle imports crowding out domestic makers

    GOVERNMENT says the country has, over the past two years, imported over US$70 million worth of public buses and delivery trucks, draining the country of the much-needed foreign currency to the detriment of local manufacturers. This is revealed in the country’s new five-year economic blueprint, the National Development Strategy One (NDS1) launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare on Monday.…

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  • Life Hack

    Knowing what determines your used car’s resale value

    Many car buyers today among other things place weighty consideration on a car’s resale value. There are many factors that can impact a car’s resale value and these range from the inevitable effect of series of number plate to something as simple as the car colour.  Brand perceptionUsed car buyers want a winner and are more likely to offer you…

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