Shingi Munyeza

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    LEAKED chats: Pastor Shingi Munyeza’s lover pregnant with a child he doesn’t want

    By Mutsa Makuvaza LEAKED chats of conversations between troubled cleric Dr Shingi Munyeza have emerged showing that he and his secret lover are fighting tooth and nail as it emerged she is pregnant with his baby. Munyeza, a former Chief Executive at a large tourism firm, dramatically exited social media a few months back when his secret relationship was outed…

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    The hunt for shamed pastor Shingi Munyeza begins

    By Mutsa Makuvaza IT was only a matter of time before the question was going to gather momentum: ‘Where under God’s Sun is Shingi Munyeza?’ Because he made his presence felt on social media, delving into all literally all topical issues from hitting out at dishonest and crooked Zanu-PF politicians to suggesting a bare-knuckle fight with former Minister Fortune Chasi,…

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    Shingi Munyeza caught cheating on his wife, resigns as Pastor

    HARARE – Prominent Harare-based pastor and businessman Shingi Munyeza have announced that he was stepping down from his pastoral role at Faith Ministries Church due to a moral failure. Munyeza, who is a member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) and coincidentally a government critic, announced his resignation from leading the church in a Facebook post on Tuesday…

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