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    Pastors join secret Nigerian society to make churches powerful

    JOHANNESBURG – former cult church leader told the CRL Rights Commission on Monday that manipulation is the number one tool charismatic leaders use to control their congregation.  These hearings come just days after CRL Commission investigations into Archbishop Stephen Zondo, leader of the Rivers of Living Waters Ministry.  Makhado Ramabulana, who was the leader of a church called Elshadai Tabernacle…

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  • ShowBiz

    Gold dealer Scott Sakupwanya saved the day for Ginimbi

    POPULAR businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi, who was finally laid to rest Saturday at his Domboshava mansion before a mass of mourners, lived a life full of mystery and left a tainted legacy when he died a week ago in a horrific road accident. Ginimbi lived and died in wraithlike – ghostly – circumstances in a…

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