Murowa Diamonds mine

  • Courts and Law

    School gives Murowa Diamonds 10 days to vacate premises

    Danhamombe High School in Sese, Chivi has applied for a court order to evict Murowa Diamond Mine from its premises within 10 days. Murowa has for the last one year been prospecting for diamonds in the school premises, and this according to the parents is disturbing lessons. The mine has been given ten days to pack and leave, according to…

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  • Business Briefs

    Chivi diamond exploration draws blanks

    EXPLORATION for diamonds in Sese communal lands in Chivi by Murowa Diamond Company is promising, but inconclusive on whether the area has gems that can be commercially exploited. Murowa, now officially known as RZM Murowa (Pvt) Limited, has been combing for gems in Chivi for the past two years, as it seeks more resources in the quest to achieve the…

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  • Local

    Murowa Diamond mine clashes with local community

    CHIVI. — The stand-off between villagers in Sese Communal lands and Murowa Diamond mine over the mine’s exploration activities here is far from over, with villagers now asking the gem extractor to move its camp from the grounds of a local secondary school because its disrupting classes and an agriculture project planned at the school. Murowa, which has been exploring…

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