Michelle Chibango

  • Analysis

    WTO and the development agenda amidst a global pandemic

    By Michelle S Chabanga COVID-19 has by itself beyond measure illustrated to be more than a moment of existential crisis laden with expensive lessons for humanity. As advanced the 4th industrial revolution in the majority of the more economically developed countries, seems people can never prepare for everything but the least society expects are conceivable reactions. Seismic shift brought about…

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  • Life Hack

    Two UZ students launch ‘Facebook like’ social, dating website

    By Nompumelelo Sibanda WHEN two University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students found out they wouldn’t be going back to campus anytime soon due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent control measures, they decided to create a Social Networking and Dating site dubbed www.intaRez.com. The social platform draws it’s name from the well known college lingo, particularly UZ used to describe a…

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