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    Form 3 pupil murders schoolmate over girlfriend

    A 16-year-old Form Three pupil at a school in Mberengwa has been arrested after he allegedly fatally stabbed a schoolmate while fighting for a girl. Police said the suspect had an altercation with a schoolmate, Pastor Mutabvuri, who was in Form Four over a girl when he then drew out a shoe cobbling awl from his satchel and used it…

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    Mentally challenged man bashes mother to death

    A 24-year-old man in Mberengwa, who is said to be mentally challenged, recently murdered his own mother and tried to bury her body in a garden. Police have confirmed the incident which took place in Mberengwa’s Tasaranago Village. It is alleged, Timothy Zhou, who has been exhibiting signs of mental challenges since December 2019, who was sleeping in his bedroom…

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  • Courts and Law

    Agritex officer sprays wife with acid after losing maintenance case

    An Agritex Officer from Mberengwa was denied bail after he allegedly sprayed and injured his wife who had won an RTGS$12 000 maintenance case with a corrosive substance. rape victim file pictureCharity Kanyumba (38), a teacher at Bvute Primary School suffered severe burns to the face and her eyesight was affected by the substance. Tavonga Mpofu (46) of Cheshanga Ward,…

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