• Courts and Law

    Cop arrested while transporting 146kg of mbanje

    A POLICE officer from Ndali Police Station in Chiredzi was allegedly caught and arrested at 11pm on Monday while transporting a truckload of mbanje. Luckson Munhukwaye (43) of Gatros Hardware at Rupangwana Business Center was coming from the said Center, heading towards Tanganda-Ngundu highway and his workmates stopped his car after they saw it filled with 80 sacks at the…

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  • Local

    ‘We’re not a Govt of drug peddlers’ – Mangwana chides ‘mischievous’ Chronicle

    By Mutsa Makuvaza NICK Mangwana, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services believes the State-owned Chronicle newspaper went slightly below the belt in its article on Government’s expected revenue from medicinal cannabis sales. In an article titled: “Zimbabwe targets US$1.25bn mbanje exports“, the Bulawayo-based daily publication attached an image of smoker rolling a ball of…

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  • Business Briefs

    Zimbabwe expects to earn US$1.25bn from cannabis exports

    ZIMBABWE expects to realise up to US$1.25 billion export earnings from medical cannabis production with Treasury on Thursday proposing to introduce a new cannabis tax to widen the revenue base. Zimbabwe began harvesting its first crop of legally cultivated industrial hemp in February this year after it decriminalised cannabis growing in 2018 to tap into the multi-billion-dollar industry. About 37…

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