Mana Pools National Park

  • Africa & World

    SA tourist killed in Mana Pools Park

    A 71-year old South African tourist was trampled to death by an elephant “in full view” of his son at Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park, says the country’s parks agency, days after another fatal encounter with an elephant occurred in a separate park. A “tuskless” female elephant charged the tourist and his 41-year-old son as they took a morning walk…

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  • Local

    Painted dogs released into Mana Pools National Park

    The Mpindo Pack of wild dogs housed in a boma at Wilderness Safaris Chikwenya Camp have been released into Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. The release took place on the 4th of September 2020. Initially due to be released in April, the alpha female was observed to be pregnant, so it was decided to delay the release until after the puppies…

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