Liberation war

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    Penia Mavaza: A great hero who was betrayed by his own

    BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA Zimbabwe’s Independence has seen the blood of thousands of Zimbabweans who came out to fight the British rule and gave their lives to break the shackles of oppression. Even though we know a lot of names of these brave people, there are many names which got lost over the years. While we all know how cde…

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  • Local

    Liberation struggle veteran Morton Malianga dies

    ZIMBABWE liberation struggle veteran Morton Malianga has died. He was 90. Malianga, one of the pioneers of Zimbabwe’s armed liberation struggle, was born in 1930 and was jailed 10 years by the racist Rhodesian regime for his nationalism. He was vice president of the National Democratic Party and later Zapu’s public affairs secretary. More details to follow… 🔺

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  • Football

    Grobbelaar saved by Rhodesian war to become Liverpool legend

    A sports academy is the ideal place for any aspiring sportsman. It’s where teenagers develop their skills, ahead of their more arduous senior careers. Bruce David Grobbelaar – the first African to win the European Cup (now Uefa Champions League) – was on the same trajectory but was conscripted into the Rhodesian army in 1975, aged 18, to fight for…

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