• Analysis

    Unpacking the doctrine of subrogation

    Patrick Mashiri The doctrine of subrogation is a doctrine which is commonly used in the insurance industry. The following discussion defines what subrogation is, where it applies, how the recoveries can be shared between the insured and the insurer as well as limitations to successful recovery.  WHAT IS SUBROGATION? Subrogation is defined as the right of an insurance company to…

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  • Business Briefs

    Insurance firms, pension funds can now trade in forex

    REGULATIONS that allow insurance companies and pension funds to carry out business in foreign currency have been promulgated, a move that will help these entities hedge contributions, investments, and assets against inflationary pressures. Statutory Instrument 280 of 2020 amends Exchange Control (Exclusive Use of Zimbabwe Dollar for Domestic Transactions) Regulations, through the addition of Section 6, which reads: “Notwithstanding these…

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