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    White former farmers give Mnangagwa US$1,75bn headache

    CASH-strapped government is struggling to raise US$1.75bn to compensate former commercial white farmers who lost their farms under the land reform programme amid revelations a bid to raise funding from development partners and other international financiers has hit a brick wall. Under the agreement signed at State House in July last year, Zimbabwe agreed to pay US$3.5bn as compensation to…

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    US$3.5 billion compensation for former commercial farmers brews storm in Zanu Pf

    PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday alleged a plot by Zanu-PF insiders to oust him from office after agreeing to pay white commercial farmers US$3,5 billion in compensation for land expropriated by government for resettlement to landless blacks at the start of the millennium. The Global Compensation Agreement between government and the white former commercial farmers, for improvements and equipment, signed in…

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