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    Chamisa’s MP urges Zimbabweans to boycott Proton bread

    MDC Alliance legislator for Marondera Central, Caston Matewu, has urged the general populace to boycott Proton Bakeries saying that more than 40 workers at the Marondera-based baker contracted COVID-19. Authorities at the company have been accused of not taking serious measures to protect workers from the virus. Find Matewu’s full statement below: BOYCOTT BUYING PROTON PRODUCTS UNTIL THEY SANITIZE THE…

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    Liquid Telecom unveils cyber security unit

    Liquid Telecoms has unveiled a cyber security unit which offers end-to-end protection of data on digital devices in response to the rise in cyber security threats during the COVID-19 period. The launch of the unit follows research by the telecoms giant last month that concluded that cyber security threats were on a rise during the COVID-19 period where companies had…

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