Chantelle Chikafu

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    ED’s niece arrested for abusing the President’s name

    PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “niece”, Shantel Chikafu, has been arrested for abusing his name in a messy mine ownership wrangle in which she ejected John Maungwa from a Shamva mine. Chikafu has allegedly been masquerading as President Mnangagwa’s daughter in conducting illicit deals, including defrauding a bank of US$37 000. However, her arrest followed a meeting held on Thursday in Bindura…

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    Zanu-PF MP teams up with ‘fake’ Mnangagwa daughter to grab gold ore

    THE Zanu-PF Shamva North MP Oscar Gorerino has been accused of using machete gangs as well as his party and parliamentary vehicle to forcibly take gold ore from Wickman 23 Mine in Umfurudzi Game Park which is owned by John Maungwa Gorerino is reportedly working in cahoots with Chantelle Chikafu, who once masqueraded as Chantelle Mnangagwa, as she tried to…

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