• Life Hack

    Zimbabwean designer making waves in Canada with shoes in five different heel heights

    WOMEN have always wanted the luxury of wearing any shoe they want in any heel size they prefer but most of the time, the heel sizes are restrictive.Ropa Mupambwa aims to produce fashion staples such as her one shoe, five different heels under her fashion brand Celyn Roze to fill the gap.The Zimbabwean native, who migrated to Canada at age 12, has always been…

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  • Business Briefs

    Zimbabwean graduate creates an App to help students in Canada

    By When Jonah Chininga first arrived in Prince Edward Island, Canada from Zimbabwe in 2014, he had no idea how the financial system there worked. It led to several mistakes and bad financial decisions, like taking out loans with high interests. Not wanting other international students to fall into the same traps he did, this sparked the idea to…

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    Human trafficking syndicate exposed

    Government has exposed a human trafficking ring of individuals domiciled in Canada and believed to be working with local fraudsters who are luring Zimbabweans to apply for non-existent jobs in North America and other parts of the world. Some of the suspected human traffickers were disguising themselves as owners of the world’s largest hotel chain, Marriot International, whose global assets…

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