• Demolitions are a demonic act of witchcraft

    By Dr Masimba Mavaza The streets of Harare and Chitungwiza flow with tears of citizens who watch helplessly as their lives are tossed in the dust. Their chicks distinct with the two lines of sorrow left behind as tears tear through the chicks down to the neck. Zimbabweans sit and cry as MDC A Municipal police and council officials have…

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  • Afrobarometer opinion: Is it flawed or manipulated?

    BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA Zimbabwe woke up to a report by Afro Barometer which was so negative to the efforts being made in the democratisation of Zimbabwe and positive on the fight against COVID 19. The mixed bag from Afrobarometer carried more damaging opinions on the issues of politics and multiparty democracy. It rubbishes Zimbabwean effort to democratisation as manipulated…

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  • Post-Industrial Age/Civilization Transition

    By Chisichenyu Singizi OUR epoch is inseparably connected with revolutionary technological, social and political changes that herald a transition to a new post-industrial civilization. This civilization transition is the third in the history of humankind. It has several peculiarities that are not completely clear and thus requires scientific description and analysis. The present day post- Industrial transition present profound possibilities…

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