• The harsh effects of US sanctions on ordinary Zimbabweans

    By Eddie Graham Cross WHEN the American government passed the Zidera Act 20 years ago, they argued that the Act was not intended to punish the people of Zimbabwe but to target those individuals and organisations that, in the view of the US government, were responsible for human rights and other violations of basic governance principles. Since that time, the…

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  • Rethinking the agrarian question in the capitalist epoch in the Global South

    Ruzivo Benza (23 years) WHEN the colonized people of Africa took up arms to wage wars of liberation, it was not only to free themselves from the shackles of colonial bondage and attain political independence. The fight also sought to improve societal standing from a highly unequal one to a just egalitarian community. While political independence was achieved throughout the…

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  • Zimbabwe loses billions of dollars as profiteers hijack Zanu-PF

    By Reason Wafawarova WE have had an outcry over the lavish spending by George Guvamatanga, the country’s Treasury Chief Accounting Officer; who recently splashed hundreds of thousands of dollars on his fiftieth birthday, which he says was his idea of celebrating life after he survived a bout of Covid 19 a year ago. It is very important to ensure transparency…

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