• Digital evidence is vital to solve Douglas Munatsi’s death

    The grief from an unexpected death may be even more difficult to deal with than loss from a disease because there is always a question “WHY” ,there is always a third party. It is important for people to understand that gradually in your own time, you can begin to find some solace with what has happened. In these situations such…

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  • Social media car scammers improving tactics everyday

    By Kudzai Mutisi THOUSANDS of Zimbabweans have safely sold their cars or trucks using classified sites and social media platforms like Facebook, whatsapp, etc. Zimbabwean robbers have now moved to these social media platforms to offer deals on vehicles but requests the buyers to pay up with cash in USD. Then, when they do turn up, the “sellers” instead rob…

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  • Penia Mavaza: A great hero who was betrayed by his own

    BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA Zimbabwe’s Independence has seen the blood of thousands of Zimbabweans who came out to fight the British rule and gave their lives to break the shackles of oppression. Even though we know a lot of names of these brave people, there are many names which got lost over the years. While we all know how cde…

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