• 101 Amazing Facts About the Life and Works of Emperor Haile Selassie

                                                   By Dr MASIMBA MAVAZA originally written by Mulugeta Haile. On the occasion of the 129th birthday of the Emperor, I have selected one out of 101 extraordinary achievements he accomplished during his reign: from Ras Tafari- Emperor Haile Selassie. The May 5th Victory against Mussolini’s army in the field of diplomacy as well as in the battle, is listed as…

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  • RBZ forex auction is in trouble: Eddie Cross

    It is clear that the Auction for foreign exchange is in trouble. The arrears now stand at over US$200 million. That is equivalent to nearly Z$18 billion and the delays are having a serious impact on company cash flows and confidence in the system overall. While the SME Auction is playing a key role in the economy and is giving…

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  • Zimbabwe worried about its heavy reliance on South Africa

    By Kudzanai Musengi ECONOMISTS and business leaders in Zimbabwe believe it would be foolish for the country to waste a good crisis and now is the time to reduce its reliance on South African imports and infrastructure. It was Austrian statesman Klemens von Metternich who said, “When Paris sneezes, Europe catches a cold.” Metternich was referring to the impact France…

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