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    Remembering the biggest unclaimed lottery prizes

    We often hear about the lottery jackpots that people have come forward to claim. How they won and what they are thinking about doing with their newfound wealth is frequently publicised. But what about those world biggest unclaimed prizes that haven’t been linked to fortunate recipients? Does this happen a lot and what transpires if ultimately the winner doesn’t step…

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  • Zimbabweans rejects own currency as the nation re-dollarise.

    In retrospect 2009, economic agents rejected the currency availed to them because they had no confidence in the RBZ’s bearer cheques. They already anticipated prices to go up as usual and now they feared the state of the economy which was already suffering from the RBZ-caused hyperinflation of 2008. Economic agents now had confidence in the stability of dollarization which…

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  • ZESA:Severe load shedding and blackouts looms as we approach winter seasons

    Zimbabwe is facing power cuts, also known as load shedding , sometimes blackouts  lasting for more than ten hours per day due to subdued electricity production and a shortage of foreign currency to  import. Zimbabwe needs about 1 600 megawatts but generates an average of 1 100 MW from its two major power plants and imports more from South Africa,…

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