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How Modelling Changed Me: Lucia Mazhou

Christina kutsakarira

Modelling is not just work, is a total lifestyle where you will learn to be aware of the fact that you have to do certain things to be able to make it in this industry.

Lucia Mazhou a young model cum-journalist has encouraged models to stand on their own in the competitive industry  and  take it upon themselves the responsibility that comes with being a model.

Lucia likes fashion, she always dreamt to be a model since was at attender age.

“The love for fashion and art pushed me to be a model. I have an irrepressible thirst for art. Modelling gives me the platform to express myself through art. I believe art is the only way I can express myself without uttering a word. “She said

Some of the makeup which she does is done by her makeup artist though she then became an artist too.

“Most of the makeup I do it myself, and others by my makeup artists.” She said

 Lucia learns a lot of fashion design and makeup artist from other artists and a models to the extent that she taught herself some of the skills and gained confidence.

 Lucia said she is now working a part-time makeup artist and gain inspiration from her magazine published in 2019.

“I came up with my first magazine published in 2019 and that continues to give me the courage”.

Lucia’s remains inspired by her mother, the late as her role model, some of the work she does

“My mom, though she passed away a few years ago. I learnt from her that I should be like a phoenix that rises from the ashes of its ruin, that I should always keep my head held high.” She added

 Lucia is not only a model but also a journalist.

“I’m a makeup artist, a journalist, and I advocate for the rights of models through the Models against Abuse movement”.

She gives courage to the upcoming models to stand on their own.

“Well, my advice will be to upcoming female models, do not allow yourself to be used, value yourself. Have a purpose, and know the main reason why you got into the industry. If you have purpose and a goal you can accomplish all your heart’s desires “she said.

Modelling life can be extremely challenging and also scary. It is also been discovered that making a lot of money at a young age is a greater deal but it comes with the responsibility of managing it was overwhelming.

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