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Turning waste into cash

By Christina kutsakarira

 A Chitungwiza Family finds a better way of living through turning rubbish plastics bottles from dump sites into money despite being regarded by many as dirt job.

Mai kachitigo started selling plastics in 2017 before her husband died, they used to sell to agents but as time went on their business expanded.

“I started this business with my husband, we used to collect plastics at dump areas but as time .people do now come with their plastics as we became agents”, she said.

Her daughter Emily testifies that after her father’s death in 2020 she usually come to help mother as a way to uplift their business.

Mai kachikitogo prove to a strong in recycle business turnaround the business and now have become an agent that   buy plastics and deliver to three companies.

“Our business is growing we sell plastics to companies like Traggers and HD company in high field, these companies they recycle the plastics.”

“My mother is finding a way of living because the few amount that we have is able to pay bills and school fees for children.”

The challenge is that the space is too small for the business to grow well.

The widow said, her wish is to have sponsors who would provide with space to store their plastics because at their homestead the place is small.

 Currently many families are living on selling of plastics helps families in this time of need in Zimbabwe where unemployment is high and poverty is also high.

Plastic recycle is considered as a livelihood strategy thereby providing the local residents with income and active participation in fighting poor waste management

Recycling waste materials helps to keep societies clean and free from diseases.

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