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Its dog eat dog at ZIFA house

THE ZIFA councilors have vowed they will go ahead with the proposed special Extraordinary General Meeting despite the spirited attempts by some members of the association’s suspended Felton Kamambo lead board to block the crucial indaba through suspensions.

The affected councilors this week told the media that they are not going to give in to the suspensions, which they said were meant to cow them into silence.

Derrick Matapure accused the suspended board members said the trio are running scared and are determined to silence the councillors because of the skeletons in their cupboard.

“Some of us are still consulting our lawyers. We need input from FIFA as well. But personally, I am not worried about this suspension, whether it holds or not, as long as I know that I am standing for the right,” said Matapure.

“Right now our football is in a sad situation. In order to save the game, I think we need people who listen to all the stakeholders, including the Government because they are a critical stakeholder in this game.

“But here we have people who have no respect for authority. They don’t listen to anyone.

“This board has forgotten where they came from. It is the ZIFA Assembly members that voted them into   office and why then should it be a crime when the same Assembly requires accountability from them?

One of the targeted councillors, Derrick Matapure of Mashonaland West Province, accused the suspended trio of ZIFA president Felton Kamambo, board member finance Philemon Machana and Bryton Malandule of capturing the board

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