Myth versus reality in Career Pathway.

You must understand that you can never stop learning new skills and information.

Today, teenagers are growing up in a competitive world where jobs depend on knowledge, creativity and determination. In this new economy, post-secondary education is a necessity.

 One example of the advantages of continuing education can be measured financially.

Young people can acquire an advantage in achieving a certificate or degree by exploring a wide variety of occupations and career pathways, then matching them to their personal interests, talents and goals.

Research shows students who can envision their future career path are more confident, motivated and successful.

Simply stated, the more you know about yourself, your options and what you want to be, the more likely you are to achieve it. Starting this process early saves both money and time after graduation.

A majority of tomorrow’s jobs will require more than a high school education, but not necessarily a four year degree. Most jobs will require some sort of technical training.

Research shows that today’s students may change jobs 12-15 times, but usually stay within the same career pathway.

Example: Student becomes a lab technician; changes jobs to become a phlebotomist; changes to become an athletic trainer; and changes again to become a physical therapist. All careers fall in the Health Sciences Career Pathway

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