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Dewa Mavhinga died alone in his car

PROMINENT human rights lawyer Dewa Mavhinga died yesterday in South Africa after he had been discharged from hospital, a source has said.

Mavhinga, a former SRC President of the University of Zimbabwe in 2000, was working for Human Rights Watch where he was its director for the southern African region.

According to Human Rights Watch director for Indonesia, Andreas Harsono, Mavhinga recently travelled from the UK to South Africa and also to Zimbabwe while on duty.

Harsono says Mavhinga was hospitalised with Covid-19 on Monday but was then released sometime in the week. The illness continued until he was found dead in his car this Saturday afternoon.

“Dewa Mavhinga travelled from the UK to South Africa and was not feeling well. He was admitted to hospital on Monday with COVID-19. He was then released in the week but later found dead in his car,” sais Harsono.

Mavhinga is survived by his wife Fiona and their four children.

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