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Budiriro: Falcon Quality Colleges walk the talk on Biogas and waste management.

Tafadzwa   Mutsika

falcon Quality college environment club at biogas plant

On-site garbage segregation, biogas plants that fuel canteen stoves, waste water to keep the garden green, and student-led sensitization drives – Falcon Quality colleges are taking organized steps to towards ecosensitivity.

While environmental management agency EMA is seen advocating sustainability, some colleges are doing their bit and improving their waste management systems in their premises too.

 The partnership between MDCA aspiring councilor Blessing Duma and Falcon Quality college environmental club has seen the campuses, garbage being segregated and bio degradable waste ends up being used to generate biogas, which then fuels college canteen.

On other college grounds, organic waste is turned into fertilizer to grow vegetables and herbs in the gardens. Nothing goes to waste

Duma’s initiatives can be credited to the way the college is managing biodegradable waste. The college has a biogas plant that is powered by kitchen waste. That biogas is used to cook meals and snacks in the canteens.

Other kinds of biodegradable waste are collected for compost pits, which end up as natural fertilizer, said councilor Duma.

 “Since last month, we haven’t let any biodegradable waste from the campus contribute to a landfill,” he says.

 “We were handling the biogas plant on our own initially, but now we have outsourced  manpower and skills from  local graduates engineers it to  takes care of the operations within the plant on campus.” He said

Falcon Quality college students are made aware of on-campus garbage segregation rules. Every week, a counselor Duma works with the administration and the college environmental club to sensitize students about waste-segregation and what e-waste means.

 “We work with students to ensure they follow the methods. All student events including ECD, preschool students are educated about zero waste management, the three bin system,” he said

Students are handed toolkits and small explainers about the hazards of mismanaged waste.

A form three student said that she had no idea about mindful disposal of everyday garbage before she joined the environmental club.

 “We have workshops about biogas with councilor Duma,” she says.

“There are small stalls put up during the light up biogas ceremony. During the ceremony, our councilor Duma advise us on ways to reduce waste. And we are very serious about it.” She added

 Another students said the club train them to segregate waste into several categories: dry degradable (paper cups, wooden spoons, forks and paper), dry non-degradable (plastic and rubber), wet degradable, wet non-degradable and sanitary waste.

“it is difficult in the beginning but now practises the disposal method at his home as well.

 “We never think before throwing trash. And here at Falcon Quality College, we had several categories. So while disposing something away, we have to be careful. I have mixed dry-degradable and non-degradable waste lot of times. When my classmate noticed, they told me to be careful the next time.

Eventually it became a habit now it’s a set of behaviors that come naturally. I am contributing by throwing mindfully,” he says.

Residents generate trash in bulk, and according to the government norms, councils need to manage their own waste, Duma said.

Duma three bin system provides eco-friendly solutions for waste disposal to housing societies, civic bodies, townships and colleges.

“It’s heartening to see campuses thinking differently about managing their waste. Or else, mostly it’s is the dry and wet waste segregation method,” he says.

Having a three bin disposal system in place is cost effective, saves energy and also creates a positive impact which is essential in today’s environment crisis, he adds.

Blessing Duma is an environmental enthusiast and aspiring councilor in Budiriro Ward 43.

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