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Form 4 student in court for gang violence

THE trial of 18 year old Talent Chitakunye who allegedly stabbed his classmate in a suspected gang war has been set for the 20th of next month.

Chitakunye, an O -Level student at Domboramwari High School in Epworth, who allegedly attacked his classmate in a suspected gang war, will face charges of assault.

The court heard that the two students at Domboramwari High school belong to rival gangs and the fight was a battle of supremacy.

It is alleged that Chitakunye used a knife to stab the complainant four times on his thigh leaving him bleeding.

He was remanded out of custody.
Cases of violent behaviour in schools have become a cause for concern, with educationists calling for the implementation of anti-bullying programmes to address the social ill.

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