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Chamisa disqualifies himself and MDC Alliance

By Dr Masimba Mavaza

Nelson Chamisa has cast his big ego onto the opposition politics of Zimbabwe with a negative bang. He started by attempting to step in the shoes of the late iconic leader of the MDC with a shameless move and disregard of the dead. Violence started at the funeral of the late Morgan Tsvangirai as part of the rise of Nelson Chamisa.

As a political demagogue, Nelson Chamisa has fooled many Zimbabweans into believing that he is a saviour of the political failings. The MDC has been tossed like a yoyo in the wake of the “Chamisa terror” in his quest for absolute power.

In the process Mrs Khupe and Mr Mwonzora were tortured and silenced to ensure that Nelson Chamisa is unopposed in his climb to the helm of the MDC-T. Having wrecked the legacy of the late Morgan Tsvangirai he chose to align with rebels who formed rival parties against the MDC in Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube and Job Sikhala. The quartet formed the papal order in campaigning for sanctions against Zimbabwe on which they anchored their mission for regime change.

It was evident in Glasgow that the MDC are terrorists as the protege and their Rhodie John Burke and Yuda stood side by side with the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka demonstrating against their own country. What a betrayal of the man he purports to honour. So the MDC has been betrayed by Nelson Chamisa who sups with the enemy. So, is Chamisa and the MDCA clean?

Should the nation be cornered to choose a party which is sponsoring the suffering of nations through sabotaging the same people who vote? Surely not and never? The future of Zimbabwe cannot be pinned on the selfish agendas of traitors. Instead of putting Chamisa on a ballot paper 2023 he must be put on a docket that includes other accomplices in decimating Zimbabwe with punitive sanctions and be put to their defence against treason. Those who championed and sponsored Zidera have disqualified themselves from the dynamics of Zimbabwe’s political arena.

The gullible of our time sing “Mukomana ngaapinde” suggesting he must enter statehouse as the head of state. Well, simply that is naïve and misplaced. To be a leader of any nation suggests that one is patriotic and will sacrifise for the country. What is clear about the esteemed lawyer and pastor in Chamisa is that he has blood on his hands.

The suffering of Zimbabweans has had its toll on the people, some have lost their lives and the economy has been decimated. Mukomana akapinda ku America akaisisa mitemo yekuuraya nyika, hapachina kumwe kwekupinda. Since he is welcome in the USA politica domain, he is free to stand in Utah, New York, Mississippi, Washington, North Caroline, New Jersey, Alaska, New Mexico, California, Texas, Arkansas, ……..etc.

As a demagogue and advocate for sanctions against Zimbabwe he is simply a traitor in chief and should not be celebrated; but must face trial for treason. To claim that unless he is president of Zimbabwe sanctions will not be removed is tantamount to holding the whole nation to ransom.

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Patriots will not act against“Judas Iscariot” and not sacrifice the whole country on the altar of greed and neocolonialism. The country has matured and would not surrender to the machinations of slave masters. The land marked in red on the red on the Zimbabwean flag is more valuable than monetary notes printed in the west.

That was Chamisa’s mantra in the 2018 harmonised elections and he is poised to drum up the same mantra in 2023. A man who is leader of an opposition party and man of the cloth could not play saviour and devil and assume he can accelerate himself to statehouse. Zimbabweans are better than a bunch of fools who can fall for the sweet nothings of a traitor. For all that has transpired in the political terrain of Zimbabwe the nation has matured and cannot afford a white man with a black skin to recolonise Zimbabwe.

Chamisa the Pseudo Democrat

It is rather surprising the government of Zimbabwe has not incarcerated the sponsors of sanctions. While the MDC stands for political pluralism, a legacy of the late Morgan Tsvangirai. While vultures attempted to destroy the MDC by forming various splinter parties out of the MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai departed the political arena with integrity. He is credited with putting the country first by signing up for the unity government.

Meanwhile, Nelson Chamisa is the weathercock being driven by the winds. It is crystal clear that Chamisa is driven by greed and is alien to patriotism. He claims to be fighting for legitimacy while he is illegitimate in his position as leader of MDCA. In the same vein, Nelson Chamisa accuses Zanu PF of violence, but he has become the commander-in-chief of the violence control mechanism in the MDCA.

The meltdown of the MDC-T is symbolic of Nelson Chamisa’s ego and greed. Since the formation of the MDC, Chamisa has always looked like a conflicted political vagabond. Those who are close to the echelons of power within the MDCA, they say that every split had the hand of the politician-cum-pastor. If it was not for his betrayal the MDC could be a true force for democracy, but today the MDCs have become the case of how not to run a political party.

Many leaders in the MDCs have been victims of Nelson Chamisa’s power revolution. Once Chamisa got to the helm he brought back his friends in destroying the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai. It has to be his way or no one will survive. If Nelson Chamisa is like this out of power what will happen if entrusted with the baton. Chamisa claims to fight for the labour movement but he has become the chief proponent for corporate repression of the ordinary when he argued the case for retrenchment with a token of terminal benefits.

So which people does he serve? If he has a convoy of cars that rivals a head of state while in opposition what will he be like when in power? One can only imagine an extreme dictator in King Nelson.

Sponsors of Sanctions Out!

The revolutionary song, Zimbabwe ndeyeropa baba is a reminder that the colour red on the Zimbabwe flag is not to be chided upon, whether by demagogues or colonial apologists at any cost. The nation remains resolute to its stance against colonialism and neocolonialism in all its forms. Saka vanotamba nevhu rakaita kuti ropa rideuka vosiwa vachiita vanhu nhodo here? The true cadres of the revolution will not stand idle to abuses of our nationhood.

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. The slave masters abuses were enough in that season and the nation stands ready to defend its sovereignty, with or without aid. Sponsors and sympathizers of sanctions cannot pretend to be saviours when they sup with the devil. The MDC, whichever it is 99, A, K, N, T, no one is bothered which one, cannot engineer a regime change with impunity by sponsoring sanctions and go unchallenged.

The MDCA, fronted by Nelson Chamisa and its top leadership have been solid in their partnership with the west pursuing a scotched earth policy to crush the government and foster a regime change. Now it is twenty years of pursuing the regime change agenda without success. For this treasonous act there is a public outcry by true patriots for robust action to be taken against such betrayal.
After the  events of 2017 Nelson Chamisa in the company of accomplices stood on the terraces of the House of Congress, a bastion of American democracy to seal the deal for maintaining punitive sanctions against Zimbabwe.

One would ask the question about the authors of Zidera. We put it to the MDCA as renowned lawyers as to how Americans would author a law on Zimbabwe which they do not know with you as onlookers. If they are good enough to convince the Americans to adopt their esteemed writings into law they should be good enough to reverse it. For once the sponsors of Zidera are called to reverse it. They must apologise for this evil which has decimated livelihoods and the economy of Zimbabwe.

Why should Nelson Chamisa and other accomplices in sealing Zidera be accorded the honour of appearing on the ballot box in the elections of 2023. So, the jury is out, Zimbabwe does not need Chamisa and his MDCA cohort.
Chamisa is building his case for violence as he goes around villages provoking the people of Zimbabwe. He is playing to the gallery full of his handlers.

ZANU PF is never violent and Zimbabwe is not in the hands of violent leaders. It is actually under consistent and persistent threat of violence from MDC A.

COME 2023 Chamisa will be put carefully in the dustbins of politics. We must say no to violence in any form. And MDC must learn to respect Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours in the whole world.

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