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Rwandese refugee nominated as the first female youth leader

Barthelemy Mwanza

Jeanne Muhimundu

Jeanne Muhimundu, a 19-year-old Rwandese refugee girl living in Zimbabwe has been nominated as the first female youth leader in Tongogara Refugee Camp.

Jeanne is a female facilitator of Engaging Men and Boys through Accountable Practices to Prevent Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls (EMAP). She went through intensive training where she was equipped with tools and knowledge to reflect on attitudes and behaviors which she then used to empower the community to Prevent Gender-Based Violence.

Jeanne stated that she will use her previous and current experience as an opportunity to sharpen her leadership skills for the benefit of the community and all stakeholders have to come together and support young people although they will be at the forefront.

“I am going to advocate for peace in Tongogara Refugee Camp. The issues that I am going to work on include Gender-Based Violence where I am going to provide the opportunity to women and girls to reflect on Violence that occurred to them and equip men with tools to build a free violent community.

“Good leadership will enable the community to resolve problems which arise within the camp. I am going to work with different cultures by appreciating the traditional beliefs of others, I will socialize then get involved and I will support youth-led initiatives in their amazing work they are already conducting, “she said.

Jeanne highlighted that good leadership is not about the position but is all about serving the community voluntarily and helping the community to meet their need.

Jeanne started to serve the community in 2017 as the chairperson of the child protection committee under Terres Des Hommes then joined the youth committee in 2020 and became a Multiplier in 2021.

Multipliers are a group of female refugee youths working under Childline and have the objective of educating youths on Sexual Reproductive Health, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, the importance of education, norms that affect the girl child, children’s rights, and many other innovative practices.

Woman have been left out in many programmes hence it is encouraging to see young ladies raising up, taking positions which used to be for male counterparts.

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