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Robbers besiege Kriste Mambo High School, shoot deputy head

KRISTE Mambo deputy headmaster, Joseph Munhuweyi, was shot on the chest by a gang of 11 robbers who pounced on the Roman Catholic institution on Monday evening.

The menacing goons armed with guns pounced on the school around 6.30pm and raided the priests’ residence.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the incident, and referred further enquiries to the national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati who said was busy with meetings and promised to revert back to this reporter.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Mutare’s education secretary, Mr Lawrence Chibvuri referred this writer to the school’s head, Sister Monica Mapurura who went ballistic, and said: “You wrote your previous article stating that we are making money through collecting school children’s tucks. Your story attracted robbers to kill us here. We are disappointed with you. Some of the stories you write endanger us, and people end up being killed.

“I am very angry with you. You exposed us. You thought we were making a killing, and the money is kept at the school, and robbers pounced at the school because of your article. I can’t tell you anything because you contributed to this. Write this, I don’t mind, you are at fault. You must know what to write.”

However, sources told The Manica Post that the robbers made good their escape with a Toyota Hilux vehicle, US$6 134, $14 330, several laptops, wrist watches and cellphones.

“On Monday, around 6.30pm, unidentified 11 robbers stormed Kriste Mambo Priest Quarters. They were armed with CZ pistols and a shot gun. Father Norbert Fokisa opened the door, and he was hit on the head with the butt of a gun. He fell down and they dragged him to the sitting room before tying his hands and gagged his mouth.

“Other robbers were outside the house monitoring movements. Father Lloyd Dhima who was upstairs went into the sitting room, and was ordered to lie down, and he complied. Mr Munhuweyi who was coming from outside noticed that there was something unusual happening and attempted to run away, but was shot once on the chest and fell down.

“He was dragged into the sitting room. All the robbers entered the house and rounded all the 13 occupants, and forced them to lie down before demanding cash and valuables,” said a source.

The robbers stole laptops, watches, cellphones, US$1 134 and $14 330.

“Father Sylvester Mubako arrived from Rusape, driving a Toyota Hilux, and went straight into the house. He was ambushed by the robbers who demanded keys to the safe. He didn’t have the keys, and they broke the safe and stole US$5 000,” said the source.

The robbers reportedly drove away Father Mubako’s car towards the gate where they abducted the security guard, and later dumped him in Temaruru Village.

“The guard had his hands tied at the back and was dumped in Temaruru. The car was recovered dumped at Bridgestore in Nyazura the following morning,” said the source.

Mr Munhuweyi has since been discharged from hospital and is recuperating at home.

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