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A dark festive season for Zimbabwe ?

Chen Williams

Zimbabwe’s electrical problem is projected to worsen as the country recently lost 400 megawatts (MW) electricity at Kariba South Power Station due to a critical fault that affected Zambia’s Kariba North Power Station.

After a problem at its hydropower station Zambia experienced a major outage that disturbed most of the country’s regions and according to sources close to the power station, on the 6th of November morning 2021 Zambia’s Kariba North Power Station experienced a fault that resulted in the subtle shutdown of its turbines which then extended to the Zimbabwean side.

“A fault occurred on the Zambian side which then escalated further to Zimbabwe’s Kariba South hence resulting in the country’s loss of 400MW,” a source commented.

According to Zambia’s power utility ZESCO, a fault occurred and they have put their technical team up to the task to investigate and confirm the cause of fault.

“ZESCO Limited announces a countrywide loss of power supply.

“Our technical team is investigating to establish the cause of the fault,” the firm’s statement read. 

The country is not new to power shortages as it already suffers power cuts in some areas particularly in low income communities.

In the past few days Zimbabwe has been experiencing sudden power cuts throughout the whole country which is most likely due to the fault that occurred at Zambia’s Kariba North Power Station and the situation is projected to worsen if not quickly addressed.

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