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Police release 45 Gokomere High School pupils after night in custody

POLICE have released without formal charges the 45 Gokomere High School pupils in Masvingo arrested on Sunday evening after going on a rampage at the Catholic institution where they damaged property and attacked two police officers.

Forty Form Four and five Form Three pupils spent Sunday night under police custody, but were not detained in holding cells according to national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

The riotous pupils broke more than 30 window panes at the school’s dining hall and two hostels.

They also pulled down a fence around the Form Three hostels and the school’s Toyota Hilux truck was left with a shattered windscreen.

Nyathi yesterday said police had not yet preferred any charges against the pupils because they were still conducting investigations that would determine the next course of action.

Trouble at the school started around 6pm on Sunday when pupils became violent after two police officers had been called to investigate a theft case in the school dining hall. School head Aquinos Mazhunga called the police officers.

The pupils allegedly started damaging window panes at the dining hall and also attacked the two police officers who called for reinforcements.

When more police officers arrived, the pupils had already damaged the school truck, buildings and a perimeter fence.

Police managed to bring the situation under control and arrested the suspected ring leaders.

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Gokomere High School is in the eye of a storm after the school head and some senior officials representing the school’s responsible authority, were arrested by Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) officers for alleged embezzlement of school funds. — Herald

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