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WATCH | MDC Alliance turns violent in Glasgow

UK Correspondent

The Movement for Democratic Change and a group of sponsored noise makers numbering about ten people turned violent and threatened to attack ZANU PF members who were peacefully showing solidarity with their country.

It is ironic that the very people who always demand an array of freedoms and always try to show that Zimbabwe is a dictatorial state proved that they are the people who themselves are violent and not willing to hear a descending voice. Political violence whether it emerges as repression or civil war and being perpetrated by any one remains evil inhumane and satanic.

The MDC led by Sherpherd Yuda and John Burke showed their violent skills and attacked people including children in a barbaric show of disrespect of even the laws of the host country.

The thuggish behaviour exhibited by the MDC comes at a time when Chamisa and his supporters are moving around the country provoking peaceful Zimbabweans.

Watch the footage below:

The strategy of the MDC is to provoke a violent response so that they will show their handlers that they are victims of political violence.

In the normal MDC style the few MDC sponsored thugs attacked DR Mavaza for wearing a cap which was welcoming President Mnangagwa to Scotland.

In a video circulating (see below) the MDC thugs wearing black T shirts and wrapping Zimbabwean flags around their necks charged at Dr Masimba Mavaza singing and shoving him violently for supporting Zimbabwe’s reengagement stride. They were carrying placards asking the world to pile more sanctions on Zimbabwe.

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Ironically there were scores of none Zimbabweans and some indigenous Scottish people who came out in numbers supporting Zimbabwe in its fight against corruption.

Commenting on the attack of Dr Mavaza by the MDC Mr Steve Smith said “ its a shame that we have people who demonstrate against their country for the sake of gaining a stay in the UK”

The illegal Zimbabweans in Scotland always congregate to demonstrate against their country so that they will be viewed as activists and be granted asylum. Most of the people attend these demonstrations have no documentation to stay in the UK. So they commit themselves to vilify and demonise the country in order to claim asylum. They take every opportunity they get to dehumanise the Zimbabwean government so that they can be taken as political activists and granted asylum.

Many Zimbabweans in Scotland have condemned the behaviour of the MDC thugs. They wondered why does the MDC always use national events for their political gains.

The acting ZANU PF chairman in UK cde Muneyinazvo Xavier Zavare said “The opposition formulates a model where an incumbent or opposition can use violence to maintain or acquire power to study which political and economic factors drive one-sided or two-sided violence,” Cde Parsnoh Nduku of Manchester said.

“Such hatred kupedzisira people vantalising a scarf is sad. Viva for the maturity you showed in such an animality environment Cde👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿”Cde Simba ZANU PF UK Said “Mavawona ka. We have always known they were violent, nothing knew there. We will keep such footage kuitira mangwana. Pamberi neZANU PF!!! ✊🏾✊🏾!! Pasi nemhandu!!”I don’t understand people who protest against freedom of association, yet they attack other peoples freedom of association.

“They claim asylum from violence and they use violence to express themselves. In the modern World 🌎 we believe in democracy. Pamberi ne Zanu pf, Pamberi na President ED Mnangagwa,” commented another member of ZANU PF UK. Cde Douglas chibaya quipped “Disorderly MDC people. Look at them.

“Well done to the Cde who remained calm and asked the Police to intervene. MDC vava kutonyadzisa. ZANU PF chiororo. Party ine order. PAMBERI ne ZANU PF.
Pasi ne avo vasingadi kuti nyika yedu iyende mberi”

“When they go low, we go high. We stand for the future of the Zimbabwean child and in Solidarity with our president who has made history, forward we go and backwards never. This is very uncivilised and shameful. What is wrong with these mdc chamisa idiots? Something needs to be done once and for all these monkeys!” Cde Siyapi of Birmingham commented.

Despite the rowdy thugs in Scotland Many Zimbabweans have come out in their Zimbabwean colours in Solidarity with the president and the country.

Many people wondered Why do people take to the streets, and does it make a difference? Interwoven issues of grievances, efficacy, identity, emotions and social embeddedness should be addressed through constitutional and legal means. However, there’s a gap in our understanding of when and how demonstrations affect political agendas.

The Cop26 conference will officially end on the 12th November 2021.

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