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12-year-old ISIS terrorist executes two Nigerian soldiers

THE Islamic State recently released video of a 12-year-old ISIS fighter executing Nigerian troops, showing the organization’s hold in West Africa is more than “in name only.”

The video, dubbed “Makers of Epic Battles,” showed two bound Nigerian troops being sent to their maker by the armed tween, who belong to the Islamic State’s West Africa Province organization.

Tomasz Rolbiecki, a researcher on the Islamic State, analyzed the video.

“In general, the video is mainly covering the attacks from ISWAP’s spring campaign in northern Borno and Yobe, although there are also clips from southeastern and southwestern parts of Borno state,” he said.

“Most of the footage had been published in photo reports long before this video was released. Daesh has been doing it for years. However, there is also some new material.”

It was noted that ISWAP has armored personnel carriers as well.

“ISWAP confirms the militants are using an APC (seems like a Mowag Piranha variant) for the first time in a long time, if not ever. News of them using APCs and MRAPs have been circulating for a while now, but we have not seen a confirmation until now,” he said.

According to Sahara Reporters, some of the footage is not as recent, but still valuable for propaganda purposes.

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