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We are suffering while Govt Ministers are living large: War veterans

ABOUT forty (40) former freedom fighters who were arrested for protesting against poor pension earnings in Harare said they were suffering and their pensions were now worthless due to the unstable economy.

One of the arrested war veterans, Hillah Mutasa, said that former freedom fighters are getting less than US$100 per month in pension earnings.

“We are struggling for survival while some people are in government and are former freedom fighters are living lavishly. We are suffering. We get less than US$100 per month,” said Mutasa, who lives in Mabvuku.

According to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), the arrested war veterans are currently detained at Harare Central Police Station, Rhodesville Police Station and Highlands Police Station.

In a tweet, the ZLHR said the former freedom fighters “are yet to be advised of the charges they are facing by ZRP.”

The war vets, represented by Paidamoyo Saurombe, Blessing Nyamaropa and Tinashe Chinox of the ZLHR, say they are failing to make ends meet due to poor pensions earnings.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, could not give details about the arrest saying he has not yet received documents related to the matter.

War veterans were given lump sums of US$50,000 each in the 1990s after they protested against lack of pensions. The late former President Robert Mugabe gave them the gratuities, which were used by some to buy an assortment of goodies.

The Zimbabwe dollar plunged following the parcelling out of the gratuities.

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