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The ruinous effects of US sanctions on Zimbabwe

By Innocent Netanyahu

IN 2003, the United States and the EU instituted targeted sanctions against Zimbabwe in response to President Mugabe’s redistribution of farmland from white farmers to Zimbabweans. 

Up to 1980, when Zimbabwe consolidated its independence, 5,700 white farmers owned more than half of the most arable land, whereas Afrikans were consigned to unproductive land in the drier, drought-prone sections of the country. 

The targeted sanctions are ostensibly supposed to hone in on a few persons and corporations, thereby leaving the rest of Zimbabwean society unaffected.  However, these sanctions have negatively affected the general population of Zimbabwe.

The majority of Zimbabweans are food insecure.  Inflation has skyrocketed, putting the price of food even further out of reach for the common man and woman. The arms embargo results in a weakened national security apparatus. 

In a search for food and jobs, people are leaving rural areas for urban centers. Consequently, resources in urban areas are strained. 

In the span of one year, households using electricity for cooking dropped precipitously from 60% to 37%.  As a result, deforestation is intensifying because more people are using wood as cooking fuel.

Diseases such as cholera have become more rampant because clean water and electricity have dwindled. The way that outsiders perceive Zimbabwe has become negative.

For example, natural disasters such as Cyclone Idai were made worse because people outside of Zimbabwe were reluctant to make donations for the relief effort as a result of of the stain that sanctions have put on Zimbabwe’s name.

Desperation is leading women to prostitute themselves. Girls are being given away in marriage at very early ages. Children are dropping out of school to work, in efforts to help their families stave off starvation. This desperation is leading to the breakdown of the traditional family. 

These vulnerable people are ripe for well-funded NGO’s to take advantage of them by spreading the filth of homosexuality and anti-Afrikan culture. 

So, in a circuitous way, targeted sanctions have led to the erosion of bedrock Afrikan values which eschew such evils as prostitution and homosexuality.

Roughly 20 years after the sanctions were instituted, the U.S. and EU refuse to relent.  The sanctions have become a stick with which western society uses to try to beat Zimbabwe into accepting degenerate western behaviors, in addition to the effective recolonization of Zimbabwean farmland. 

The term “human rights” is present-day code for expansion of the homosexual agenda.  “Human rights” is now the major prong of the ever-evolving targeted sanctions. 

The sanctions are now less about land than they are about shoving the homosexual agenda down the throat of resistant Afrikan societies.

LGBTQ agenda/ same sex marriages which Zimbabwe Constitution outlaws and even our Ubuntu is the main subtle reason for maintaining sanctions now.

On the land issue we have a Global Compensation Deed of US 3.5 billion agreed between the government of Zimbabwe and Commercial Farmers Union representing the interests of white folk in Zimbabwe which was signed on the 29th of July 2020. So its hypocrisy for them to maintain sanctions on Zimbabwe.

As Afrikans, Zimbabweans have always been, are, and will always be firm believers in the purity of the sanctity between man and woman.  This is the bedrock of Black civilization.  Out of this paradigm grows the family and legacy. 

In 2021, sanctions have become a weaponized tool to destroy Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, promote homophile culture, and collapse the Black family such that we would become another colonized nation of the West. 

In short, sanctions target the destruction of the Black family in Zimbabwe.

  • Netanyahu is the President of Straight Black Pride Zimbabwe Partnership

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