Chamisa hints on MDC Alliance name change

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

POLITICAL euphoria reminiscent of election times gripped Chipinge on Tuesday as boisterous masses brandished their open palms in the air chanting the increasingly popular banter “ngaapinde hake mukomana” (let the young man get into power).

They were welcoming MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa who attended a birthday party of a veteran MDC member and strong supporter, Mathew Muyambo who is a sitting Member of Parliament for Chipinge East.

The hullabaloo was far beyond the bounds of decency and openly demonstrated that Chamisa’s clear and sometimes poetic diction still wildly enthuse his supporters despite ravaging factionalism rocking his party.

Bouyed by ululations and whistling from the joyous suppoters in Chipinge town, Chamisa briefly stopped his convoy and enthusiastically waved his hands towards them before proceeding with his journey to Mutare from Muyambo’s home.

He had given a short address to the people who thronged Muyambo’s home to celebrate his birthday with bubbling charisma and befitting nonchalance.

While Muyambo is also a popular political figure in the area, one can tell that the presence of the charismatic MDC Alliance leader predominantly explain the high attendence of both invited and uninvited guests at the party.

In his short address, the epicenter of Chamisa’s message was: Register to vote, uye kana zuva racho rasvika endai munovhota neuwandu hwenyu. (Register to vote and when the day comes go out in numbers to vote)”.

However, he could not just encourage people to go out in numbers and vote without addressing the controversy associated with his party identity. The name MDC Alliance is also claimed by his rival Douglas Mwonzora’s faction and it is not certain which faction will manage to secure the name come elections.

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To clear that controversy and uncertainty Chamisa said there is a potential that the name MDC Alliance could be changed.

The birthday event became an opportunity for Chamisa to meet his supporters in the district.

Muyambo, who is popularly known as “Muyambo wekanyi” is a veteran MDC cadre who commands massive support in the district.

As usual Chamisa had to share a dance with enthusiastic supporters who were singing “Chamisa toita wekubereka (We will carry Chamisa on our backs) at Muyambo’s home.

Police arrived while the function was still going on and they had to control tje relentless influx of people to avoid breaching COVID 19 regulations.

Zimbabweans are slowly switching to an election mode since 2023 is approaching. The ever increasing election hysteria is also explained by massive recalls by Douglass Mwonzora following the supreme court judgement which recognised his faction as the real MDC T.

After the Supreme Court judgement, some MDC Alliance councillors and house of assembly members defiantly refused to switch to Mwonzora’s side. Mwonzora claims that both MDC T and MDC Alliance are names of his party.

When some MDC Alliance parliamentarians and local councillors refused to join him, Mwonzora responded by raising the axe against them thereby necessitating by-elactions to fill the created vacancies.

However, the by-elections had been suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions but as the scourge is slowly getting under control there is an aura of election hysteria gripping the electorate. – Zimbabwe Voice

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