Chamisa assassination attempts: Police a huge let down

Why is a nation full of educated and experienced detectives resorting to Google images to settle a serious matter such as an alleged assassination attempt on a key political figure?

By Felix Chiroro

ZIMBABWEANS this Tuesday night hit their pillows with eye-popping news that opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa had survived yet another assassination attempt.

Chamisa, who is meeting his party supporters in Manicaland Province, is said to have had his convoy blocked before a firearm was fired at his vehicle. According to the party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, the would-be assassin’s bullet missed Chamisa and hit the vehicle screen, exiting on the other end.

Mahere further claimed the party’s top official Amos Chibaya had made a police report on the incident. However, ZRP national spokesperson Paul Nyathi, according to the NewsDay, says police records show that no such report was ever made.

It is regrettable that Nyathi does not mention what steps police are taking to put an end to the assassination attempts on Chamisa, real or staged. The cost of these claims by the opposition to the Government’s image is immense especially in a global space where news travels at the speed of light and where the West has a narrative that it pushes with the energy of a speeding gazelle.

Many Zimbabweans on social media have dismissed outright the assassination claims by the MDC Alliance as the bullet holes are nowhere near what a high-speed projectile such as a bullet would do to vehicle glass. Even the footage shared by the MDC Alliance are pathetic and hazy to say the least, leaving many to feel the opposition party is playing to the gallery of its sympathizers after a year of losing so much to the MDC-T camp.

It is also inconceivable that Chamisa could be such a threat that his rivals would want him dead at the time he is meeting his supporters. Why would a killer choose the time the target is the most exposed to media spotlight? Besides, which assasin would miss Chamisa so many times he has claimed he survived assassination attempt?

The million dollar question is why would the Zanu-PF party seek to eliminate Chamisa at this particular point in time, knowing that the UN Special Rapporteur on the Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures, Alena Douhan, is in Harare? What real threat is Chamisa posing to anyone at this point in time, honestly?

All these questions regardless, the police must dig deeper and leave no room for future such incidents as the detrimental effect on the nation’s image is irretrievably huge.

If the MDC Alliance is faking the assassination, the police must dig into that and arrest the culprits forthwith. If indeed anyone wants Chamisa killed, that whoever must be hunted down and dragged before the courts.

Why has the police not seized the vehicle in question to carry out ballistic tests and ascertain once and for all whether indeed there was a firearm shot at Chamisa? Has the police secured the crime scene to collect key evidence and any gun cartridges as part of the investigation?

Why is a nation full of educated and experienced detectives resorting to Google images to settle a serious matter such as an alleged assassination attempt on a key political figure? Where are the cops when a nation needs them?

It is only the police who can end this assassination game by arresting the culprits – be it real of fake. It is only fair that those constitutionally mandated to investigate crimes do so and let the nation know for once what under the Sun is happening to Chamisa’s entourage.

  • Chiroro is a political observer based in Harare. He writes in his personal capacity.

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