Machete gangs terrorize Penhalonga community

By Zimbabwe Voice Reporter

MINERAL resources in Manicaland have now become a curse rather than a blessing for the Penalonga residents ever since machete gang reign over the area left nothing but traumatised victims.

To add insult to injury these perpetrators are still roaming free.

Farai Faranando is one the many illegal miners’ victims who were viciously attacked but managed to live and tell the tale with no happy ending nor justice as he still has to watch his attackers walk about freely.

According to Faranando the Tsvingwe residents have been living in fear of illegal miners who are moving around with machetes in groups and violently robbing them of their valuables.

“The attack was frightening, I escaped death by a whisker. A gang of 13 men armed with machetes emerged from nowhere and besieged the bottle store where we were enjoying our beer with other colleagues.

“One of them struck me with a beer bottle from behind and before I could comprehend what was happening more armed menacing looking people joined him, pushing me down before they stabbed me with knives all over my body including my face,” Farai narrated.

“Two of my colleagues who tried to save me from the attack were also stabbed with knives. All this was unprovoked we didn’t even know these men,” he added.

Faranando also called out on authorities to urgently intervene and bring the thugs to book.
Youth development Trust member Tapiwa Clinton witnessed the attack and stated that as a result these incidents the youths from the Penalonga area are now living in fear as well as living in anger and anxious to see the criminals behind bars in order for peace to reign within their community.

“We have issues of terrorists which need to be addressed. I was invited by the police to narrate what transpired, “he said.

“As youths we are now afraid of losing our lives and Redwing mine has been sheltering illegal miners who are not even from these parts,” Clinton added.

Redwing Mining Company in Penalonga is mostly surrounded with these machete gang and no one knows till date what their main query is because besides solving disputes at work, workers are still being attacked and are also said to be owed close to US$12 million in salaries.

Law enforcement agencies claim to be working tirelessly to bring these culprits to justice but so far the actions done to anchor their work theoretically suggest otherwise and the most saddening aspect of the whole situation is that these culprits are not even the permanent residents of Manicaland, but are from the Midlands province in Shururgwi town hence their famous title “MaShurugwi”.

Tsvingwe residents are not the only ones complaining about the ZRP police but also Zimbabwe as a whole due to their incompetent nature and brutality evident by a week or two incident were a state bus filled with children, men, women and the elderly was tear-gassed leaving them in pain and gasping for air. – Zimbabwe Voice

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