Gospel rapper rebukes Passion Java, Mudiwa Hood

Chen Williams

CONTROVERSIAL celebrity preacher Passion Java has been lambasted as a self-proclaimed prophet who is materialistic and pompous.

Java, a social influencer and Affirmative Action Group top leader, seems to be constantly blasted by the same youth he tries to inspire.

One such youth is Joseph Chizuni Jr, a strong Christian believer, gospel rapper.

Chizuni Jr says he has few positive things to say about the teachings and characteristic traits the youth are picking up from Passion Java. The gospel artist released a track titled ‘Ine Basa Rei’ on the 5 October 2021 which he described as not a dis-track but a song rebuking the self-proclaimed prophet’s habits.

“My government name is Joseph Chizuni Jr where my artist name Joe Chizuni comes from. I am a Gospel rapper and have been in the game since 2015.

“I have done 3 videos so far and have quite a number of singles of which my latest drop was on the 5th of October titled Ine Basa Rei,” Joe Chiz stated in an interview with Zimbabwe Voice.

He disclosed that the track is not a dis-track but more of a reprimanding statement to Passion Java.

Chiz says he believes that as a man of God who is supposed to guide believers on the right path of Christianity, Java should not be boastful nor materialistic instead he should preach the actual word.

“I wouldn’t call it a dis-track per say but a form of rebuking. You see I think as a man of God who is supposed to guide on the way we should go as Christians, he should not be focused on bragging about the material stuff he as. He should be preaching the word.

“I don’t have any bitterness against those who are rich, my song is explicitly telling them not to major the minor (that is money) but God,” the gospel artist added.

Joe Chiz got the inspiration to write the song when certain contents in Mudiwa Hood’s book talked about how women should not be with poor guys caught his eye.

Joe Chiz spoke pertaining to the track and the inspiration behind it, his journey in the industry and about him in general.

“The song originally came to me when social media was ablaze with the contents of Mudiwa’s book where it said something about girls not supposed to date poor guys. I saw him as a Godly person but after that book all I saw was an arrogant person.

“I then looked again at his counterpart Passion Java and saw that it was high time this whole thing about looking down upon the less privileged was addressed,” he continued.

He believes Mudiwa and Java are quite similar and its high time the sick trend of looking down upon the less privileged was addressed.

A lot of controversy has been brought about by the prophet due to his odd congregations, social media posts, dodgy dealings with artists, and questionable tongue-speaking during church services, Chiz observed.

Chiz says that the nation’s influencers should teach the youth how to make an honest living and not brag about it but instead should give back to the community that nurtured, raised and supports them.

He pointed that it was unfortunate when influencers and supposed religious leaders belittle youngsters who look up to them.

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