Budiriro aspiring Councillor introduces 3-bin system to curb poor waste management

Chen Williams and Tinotenda Mwatsika

An environmental enthusiast and aspiring councilor in Budiriro Ward 43, Blessing Duma, has introduced a 3 bin system as a way to tackle the district’s waste challenges.

Under this waste management program the options of renewable energy, recycling and cleanliness is being explored within the Budiriro ward 43 community where by they give residents 2 or 3 bins that each collect either degradable waste, recyclable waste or non-degradable waste separately.

“At household level we give people what we call the 2 or 3 bin system whereby one bin is for degradable waste, the other for recyclable waste and last one for non-degradable waste.

“So the degradable waste goes into the bio-digester bin, the recyclable waste goes into a bin that will then go to recycling companies like PERTRICO and, non-recyclable nor non-degradable waste bin will be collected by the city of Harare at the community dumpsite,” he said.

Currently they are dealing with a small section of households they managed to each give 3 bins for waste disposals.

The bio-digester bin will be for degradable waste and the recycling bin will be for waste that is recyclable and will be sent to companies like PERTRICO, and the bin that collects non-degradable and non-renewable waste will be collected by the City of Harare at their community dumpsite.

Blessing explained that they have an objective to create a dumpsite where the community dumps non-recyclable and non-degradable waste and have it collected by the city of Harare instead of going bin to bin to collect waste, hence saving a lot of money.

“At the moment we don’t have the community dumpsite the city of Harare hasn’t yet given us that so the street sweepers that go around collecting recyclable waste, they go into houses collecting the recyclable waste.

“Even the local authority will be saving money in fuel terms to go around collecting the bins especially when the community dumpsite is now there,” Duma said.

He explained that they do not yet have the community dumpsite and so they have street sweepers who collect recyclable waste from the household bins hence limiting the level or rate of dumping or pollution within the ward.

Duma and his team are using their own resources to finance and conduct the activities of their waste management program.

“At the moment we are using funds from our own pockets, as for our technical staff we are using the youth in our community who are engineers and who graduated in fuel and energy as well in waste and water management.

“So the human resources is ourselves we are not being paid,” he added.

Waste management in Zimbabwe has not been conducted properly due to incompetence amongst council and the growing rate of illegal dumping in streets, roads and everywhere else.

In order to deal with these issues more initiatives similar to those of Duma’s, need to be supported and carried out.

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