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Acie Lumumba learns the hard way as fuel business collapses

Social media personality, political activist, and businessman Acie Lumumba took to social media to chronicle how his business collapsed and how he had to rebuild his business again.

Acie Lumumba, real name William Gerald Mutumanje is the owner of Platinum Fuels which supplies fuel to other fuel dealers and service stations around Zimbabwe.

In a series of posts on his Instagram, Acie Lumumba shared a short story on what happened to his Platinum Fuels company.

He revealed that when he started selling fuel, he used jerry cans to deliver the commodity to customers who were not keen on standing in long queues.

Acie Lumumba Chronicles How His Business Collapsed.....Dishes Out Advice To Start-up Businesses-iHarare

After a year of using jerry cans, he revealed that he moved on to use drums instead.

After a year in business, he finally got his first investor who chose to invest in his company.

With a new investor, Acie Lumumba’s business started to boom. He revealed that his fuel business started to attract rich clients.

He said more money started to trickle in as more rich clients started to buy fuel from his company. He revealed that the life of partying hard began then.

After enjoying good business for a while, his business started to sink in November 2020. Every time he got investment he blew it and this caused his business to crumble.

By January 2021, his business had completely collapsed and he had to rebuild his business all over again. Meanwhile, in February it emerged that his business lost money and fuel worth almost US$200,000 to two of its employees: 31-year-old Tatenda Maredza and 26-year-old Malcolm Dodo.

To end his short story, Acie Lumumba went on to share some of the life lessons he learned after his business collapsed.

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