Journalists must stop behaving like political activists

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda

JOURNALISTS should stop being political activists and do their jobs without fear or favour. What we are seeing in Zimbabwe these days is insulting to the profession.

Money paid by donors to some of our journalists just to create havoc and report lies has definitely compromised them. They just produce biased and unbalanced stories so as to please their funders.

Stop being partisan, stop being biased, stop dividing people, stop singing praises to your political party and its leaders, stop denigrating Zimbabwe, be patriotic to your country.

Your role as a journalist is for collecting and deciphering data and using findings to prepare clean, concise and factual articles.

Journalism has long been committed to unbiased reporting and to shining a light on injustices in society. It’s all gone now. Some have brought activism into the newsroom itself causing some journalists to question where journalism ends and activism begins.

You cannot maintain credibility if you make a distinction between, this is what you see as a person and this is what you see as a journalist. Journalism is covering a story and giving us the facts, then allowing us, the reader or viewer, to make up our mind not always reporting negatively and feeding people with one sided poisonous information with no facts, doing it to cause anger and resentment.

Abandon the profession and get into politics than masquerade as journalists just to get paid by your funders. Zimbabwe has its own problems caused mainly by journalists who push the agenda of their funders and ignore important matters.

People out there need proper news and information. Good Journalists help to create informed discussions. Journalism requires assembling and verifying facts.

Conveying fair and accurate accounts is the journalist’s job, not to tell people who should be the next President, which political party should rule and looking down upon other citizens of Zimbabwe.

Activists interpret facts to suit his or her agenda. Activists interpret facts to suit his or her agenda. A journalist must provide a balanced account, regardless of their political, social or economic standing. But the very notion of activist-journalist poses threat to professional journalism.

Objectivity and impartiality are the pillars of journalism. Let’s report issues affecting ordinary people and stop supporting political leaders who are desperate for power.

  • via Ezra Tshisa Sibanda Facebook page

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