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Biti, Chamisa shell-shocked as Mnangagwa goes to Scotland


While the history of the global pandemic is still being written, one enduring outcome of the past year will certainly be its effect on the imperative of sustainability.

This shared trauma served to remind us just how fragile we are as a community, as a national economy, and as stewards of our nation. The difficult work of improving environmental, social, and governance norms in Zimbabwe is taking place at all levels of society, and the resulting changes will have profound implications for investors and the fruits of these changes are out for all to see.
Emerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA the president of Zimbabwe has devoted much of his presidential life to finding ways and implementing the ways of revamping our economy.

Mnangagwa has improved the ways that sustainability is being embraced by private companies international investors and local Zimbabweans who are seeking capital around the world. The space created in Zimbabwe by ED describe how emerging markets represent a concentration of both risks and opportunities.

For the first time in years Zimbabweans can now explore the issue of biodiversity and how investors can better understand the relationship between their portfolios and the natural resources in Zimbabwe.

Another significant issue highlighted by investors over the past year is the deepening search for yield and income security in retirement. Zimbabwe has reviewed the merits of a relatively high-yielding asset that until recently was beyond the reach of most investors, security peace and tranquility.

Mnangagwa’s government has existed to help business create prosperity for all. When the economy booms, society prospers, and every business plays a part in protecting and growing that economy. Mnangagwa introduced policies which are designed for all to meet the specific needs of their businesses and individual aspirations.

Unlike the previous regime the new dispensation has brought unparalleled stretch to reach into the business community.

We need to understand that Economic growth is an increase in the production of economic goods and services, compared from one period of time to another. It can be measured in nominal or real terms.

Economic growth is an increase in the production of goods and services in an economy. Increases in capital goods, labor force, technology, and human capital can all contribute to economic growth.Economic growth is commonly measured in terms of the increase in aggregated market value of additional goods and services produced, using estimates such as GDP. Since the President Dr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe has seen tremendous developments beyond imagination of many.

One thing which the world and those in the opposition have been left shell shocked is that
Zimbabwe has reduced dependency on Borrowed Finance except only where Foreign Technology is a requirement for projects such as Power Generation. Mnangagwa has taken Zimbabwe out of dependence syndrome into self sufficiency stardom. This has proved the prophets of doom like the MDC and it’s breaking wailers very wrong.

In less than three years Mnangagwa has gone beyond talking and took over the work which was supposed to be done by MDC councils. Mnangagwa has managed to rehabilitate most of the urban roads this is solely funded by ZINARA and no foreign aid. A stand olongapo Zimbabwean economy is possible.

This has irritated the dogs tied to some ropes that you do not need the rope to be free. President MNANGAGWA through his developmental programmes has managed to show the MDC A traitors that you do not need to sale your country in order to get funding.
President MNANGAGWA has managed again to rehabilitate most of the rural roads in all districts.

Of great note is the Construction of Harare-Beitbridge Highway. The road was a death trap but Mnangagwa has presented a state of the art road.

His appetite for better roads took the development to Karoi Binga road.
President Mnangagwa is developing roads in every province like the Construction of Chiredzi-Tanganda road. There is again a Construction of Makuti-Chirundu stretch Construction of Chivi-Mhandamahwe road.
Zimbabwe has seen the construction and Expansion of Roberty Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. It will be now matching first world airports.

Zimbabwe has embarked on a
Construction of new Parliament building. This is a state of the art parliament equipped with hotels and basically a new town in the making.
To complement the Harare Beitbridge high way the government has started and almost finishing the Expansion and modernization of the Beitbridge Border Post.

In the short period of his presidency Mnangagwa has commissioned the Construction of Gwayi-Shangaan dam,
Marowanyati dam.

Under Mnangagwa’s guidance Zimbabwe has rolled out new school curriculum. This includes the Introduction of Education 5.0. The president has given dignity to students by Construction of students accommodation in almost all public universities.

Zimbabwe now sees light day and night. The Rehabilitation of Hwange Power units 7 and 8 (600MW) has made outages things of the past. We have seen the rehabilitation of Zambezi Gas and Coal plant (750MW).
There is great works being done in power sector in,Western Areas – 600MW,Jinan -600MW
Tsingshan- 100MW,Zimbabwe Zhongxin ▪︎Electrical energy – 430MW
Mnangagwa has overseen Various solar projects which are under construction.

As a listening president the president heard complaints about Command Agriculture and Replaced it wth Private Sector Funded Smart Agriculture-This has resulted in Zimbabwe trippling its annual harvest from 900 000 metric tones in 2019-2020 season to 3 million metric tonnes in 2020-2021 season.

The president has invested in training manpower. More than 3million farmers have been trained for Pfumvudza.

To curtail corruption the president has overseen the Completion of land audit. This has resulted in Farm downsizing.

In accommodating all walks of life he has Signed Global Compensation deed, and Established youth desk.

To open the democratic space the president has awarded 6 new TV licenses. In agriculture the president has revived and rehabilitated Irrigation schemes.

As far as health is concerned the president has overseen the Construction of various district and provincial hospitals and clinics. This has led to Renovation of various health infrastructure and facilities across the country
As we speak now Zimbabwe is constructing new schools over five thousand schools are under construction.

As far as foreign exchange is involved we have seen the introduction of Dutch forex auction. This has enabled Government to be in control of the foreign exchanges. Introduction of inter operatability of mobile money platforms, fiscal consolidation which has resulted in achieving budget surplus for the first time in decades.

At the moment we are seeing the Construction of Great Dyke investments platinum mine.
We have Karo resources Mhondoro-Ngezi Platinum Project completed ahead of schedule.

A new Arcadia lithium mine is being developed.

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, Mnangagwa has opened the freedom space. Zimbabwe has seen the agent of change in President E D MNANGAGWA,he is an agent of change, not just an object of change.

The new dispensation has made history, even as it evolved with it. From the inception, of his government MNANGAGWA has been an incubator of ideas, a builder of norms, and an arbiter of standards. He remains so today. Through his actions, as well as his words, the president has helped transform the national agenda by embracing human protection as an essential component.

Progress has been made half way his first term, but further work is needed to challenge the structural impediments to sustainable change. With the institutional architecture now in place, moving in concrete ways toward “delivering as one” provides one avenue by which president Mnangagwa will strengthen his role as an agent of positive change in human rights and general life.

Mnangagwa marches to England in October as Chamisa and Biti Salivate from a corner of no office.

For us to realise our goals towards Vision 2030. Vote for ED. 2023. If you are in England come and see the man who can make a change. Come and rally behind our president. Come to Scotland in October stand behind your country’s flag.


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It’s a long shot indeed. Lying about progress won’t work. Progress can be seen and uts benefits are experienced by citizens. Zimbabweans are worse off than ever before since independence. More people have been arrested in 2 years than they were arrested in 37 years by Mugabe for political crimes. Mist are latter released without charge as they usually should not have been arrested in the first place. Yes you build a great parliamentary building without medicine in hospitals. Your priorities are miss placed. You fight curruption elsewhere yet the corrupt are in the state house.

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