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Join ZANU PF now: Chamisa told

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya in Midlands, Zimbabwe and Dr MASIMBA Mavaza in Midlands, UK

The rejoin ZANU- PF mantra has taken another level with social media users advising the MDC- Alliance faction leader Nelson Chamisa and his team to rejoin ZANU-PF. This is in spirit with the 5mlion voters to be recruited for 2023.

In order to appeal to all walks of life ZANU PF took to Social Media in style and sheer brilliance reserved for artists. Social media is ablaze with a video that juxtaposes Zimbabwean politics to European football.

The video, in rapid succession shows the return of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea and football demigod Christiano Ronaldo making his debut return to Manchester United, However the last part of the video logically instructs the Zimbabwean masses including Nelson Chamisa to rejoin Zanu-PF.

Zimbabweans on Twitter (Twimbos) affiliated to the Revolutionary Party have softly fowarded the aforementioned video to @ nelsonchamisa telling him to do the right thing and rejoin Zanu-PF.

Chamisa is yet to respond to the request for him to rejoin the revolutionary party , the party that allowed him room to be educated, the party that tought him democracy, freedom and sovereignty.

For the record, Chamisa was once a Zanu-PF member before he sold out to the Movement for Democratic Change which was formed on September 3 1999.
Just like the late leader of the MDC Mrs Morgan Richard Tsvangirai who has kept his ZANU PF membership card to his grave.

It is not too late to join ZANU PF and to March together towards the vision 2030 as one.

Nelson Chamisa is expected to respond and maybe issue his statement of joining ZANU PF.

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