The difference between vacation and travel

Although these two words are mostly used interchangeably, they are like day and night.

They are both great activities but if you’re seated somewhere by the beach enjoying a cocktail without a care in the world in a swimsuit, that is what we would call a vacation.

There is no better feeling than picking a holiday destination, booking flights and finally packing your bags to go there.

After months of saving to get that dream vacay, you can’t wait to let your hair down and enjoy yourself every passing second. Whether you’re sleeping in, shopping or walking down the streets of a country you have never been to, it is such a refreshing experience we never want to come to an end.

Travel on the other hand is a whole different ball game we will crack into shortly.

Here are the differences between vacation and travel.


When you make deliberate arrangements to leave your home and take a break away from your day-to-day activities for the purpose of recreation, this pretty much sums up what a holiday is.

It is all about fun, relaxation and more fun. It allows you to get away and do what you want, be it lazing around by the pool, enjoying fruity refreshments, dancing all night or exploring historical sites without feeling guilty.

It allows you to leave your stress at home and enjoy your free time doing what you enjoy even if you don’t have to go outside the hotel.

Another reason we go for vacations, be it in a resort, a cruise or a fancy Airbnb, is to help us come back to our normal lives feeling rested, rejuvenated and healed.


Getting from A to B, as anyone will tell you, is not easy. It’s challenging and most of the times there is no much relaxing going on while at it.

Travel involves experiences, broadening your perceptions and seeing the world from the lenses of those you shall be interacting with. You seek to immerse yourself in that place to the point you can even learn new languages or master the culture.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone and throws you into the unknown unlike a vacation where everything is planned and paid for in advance.

Another thing is everyone can travel so long as they have some money to do so. It is about making memories even if it means driving to the next town or hiking a new trail. It doesn’t have to cost much. And because of the cost factor, you are most likely going to be indulging in some street food, getting lost in the streets and interacting with the locals at a much deeper level.

And most times you will be putting up in hostels, camping or couch surfing allowing you to easily move around without having to go back to a hotel you have paid for.

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