Mentally challenged man bashes mother to death

A 24-year-old man in Mberengwa, who is said to be mentally challenged, recently murdered his own mother and tried to bury her body in a garden.

Police have confirmed the incident which took place in Mberengwa’s Tasaranago Village.

It is alleged, Timothy Zhou, who has been exhibiting signs of mental challenges since December 2019, who was sleeping in his bedroom woke up during the night and went to sleep at a nearby garden.

The following morning at around 6 am, his mother reportedly went to the garden where Timothy struck her with an unknown object.

Fellow villagers reportedly rushed to the scene as she cried for help, only to find her motionless, while the suspect was attempting to bury her in a pit.

While confirming the incident, Zimbabwe Republic Police Midlands acting spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende advised the public to seek assistance whenever family members exhibit signs of mental challenges. □

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