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Bulawayo boy (17) impregnates sister (15)

A 17-year-old teenage boy from Suburbs in Bulawayo has been arrested for sexually assaulting his 15-year-old younger sister and impregnating her.

A family member who requested not to be named said the teenage boy would wake up during the night and tiptoe to his younger sister’s room, sneak into her blankets and caress her while asking for sex.

“The funny thing is that when he got into her blankets she never screamed or reported the matter to any family member. They would have sex and after that he would return to his room and they would pretend as if nothing happened,” he said.

They continued engaging in sex and at times they would use a condom but on other occasions they would not.

The family member said the two siblings have been getting in between the sheets since June this year.

“They started sleeping together in June this year. Their sexual affair was discovered last week when the teenage girl fell ill and was rushed to hospital. They tested her for pregnancy and she tested positive,” said a family member.

Her aunt got shocked when the minor revealed that she was impregnated by her brother.

“She revealed that from June up to August her brother would sneak into her room during the dead of the night and sexually assault her,” said the family insider.

Upon further questioning her about the pregnancy, the minor maintained that she was impregnated by her brother. Family members agreed in a meeting that the boy should be reported to the police. The minor reported the matter leading to the arrest of the sex offender.

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the matter.

“I can confirm that we arrested a teenage boy for allegedly raping and impregnating his younger sister. Investigations are still in progress.”

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